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The SASSM is a not for profit organization whose aims are to Encourage the highest standards of practice, education and research in the field of human sexuality and Andrology;

To develop scientific methods for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions affecting human sexual – reproductive function;

To promote the publication of medical and scientific literature in the field of sexual – reproductive function.

The purposes for which the SASSM is organized are exclusively charitable and the SASSM shall not carry on any activities that are inconsistent with its charitable aims as its assets are irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes.

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM)

Impact Factor 3.937 (2021) – 12 issues per year

Sexual Medicine – a Gold Open Access publication (SMOA)

Impact Factor 2.523 (2021) ISSM members receive a 50% discount on the publication fee.

Sexual Medicine Reviews (SMR)

Impact Factor 5.345 (2021)


The SASSM welcomes new applications for membership from individuals who are interested in the field of Sexual Medicine or related medical disciplines.

SASSM Certified Online Courses

SASSM certified courses on Andrology & Men’s Health are designed to provide comprehensive training to urologists, doctors, and allied medical professionals. These courses by MasterHealthPro cover topics such as male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and other men’s health issues to enhance clinical expertise in this field.